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Gifted & Talented Program Information

Welcome to the MES 2022-23 GT Program!
My name is Mrs. Gonzalez.  I will be the GT teacher for  SY 22-23 MES Gifted and Talented class. I wear multiple hats, I am also the technology teacher at our school. I am excited to be working with the students in developing their storytelling and multimedia skills. 
One big change this year is the GT schedule. We will meet after school from 2:15-3:30 P.M. on Monday's and Friday's. This year, we will be meeting in the "CS/Tech" room which is located next to the library. 
Our GT students will be running our MES NEWS broadcasting program and participate in the Olelo Video competition.  They will be delving into multimedia skills and journalism.  I am excited to get our cameras, lights, and microphones ready to record our stories. 
I am lookin forward to working with our GT Surfriders. 
Mrs. Gonzalez M.Ed.



GT students are identified so that appropriate interventions can be designed to develop an optimal match between learners’ strengths and abilities and educational opportunities. The process begins with observations of student characteristics and behaviors. The Hawai‘i State Definition of GT and the Renzulli Three-Ring Concept of Giftedness, the theoretical construct of giftedness upon which the State program is built, provide the focus for observations and directions for program development. These concepts and definitions serve as a basis for schools to understand giftedness and make decisions about programs and services for their GT students. For more information see the attached pdf in the right had margin.

Thank you for your interest in the Moanalua Elementary School GT program.  We will begin testing in August. 

If you have any questions, please contact 

Mrs. Norma Gonzalez M.Ed. 305-1220