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General School Information

The State of Hawaii’s compulsory attendance law (Chapter 298 of Hawaii Revised Statutes) requires all children between six and eighteen years of age to attend school.

1. All students are to attend school regularly and are expected to be in school on time.  Students must be in the classroom, or on a school-related activity, for a minimum of three (3) hours to be marked “present” for the day.  If present for less than three (3) hours, the student will be marked “absent.”

2. Students reporting to school after the 7:55 a.m. tardy bell must report to the school office for a tardy admittance pass.

3. When a child is absent from school, a parent or guardian must notify the school by telephone (305-1200) by 9:00 a.m. explaining the nature of the absence.  Authorized absences include:
    • illness, injury, quarantine
    • medical/dental appointment that cannot be scheduled before or after school
    • death in family
    • court attendance
    • emergency situation
    • special cases as approved by administration

4. If it is necessary to take a child out during instructional hours, students are released to parents or guardians only through the school’s office.
    • Please call the office and notify your child’s teacher ahead of time – giving date, time and reason for release.
    • At the designated time, Parent/Guardian/Authorized Adult should check-in at the school’s office where they may be asked to provide proof of identity.
    • Please wait at the office until your child is brought from their classroom.  Students will not be released directly from their classrooms.
    • Parent/Guardian/Authorized Adult will sign out and obtain a Student Pass before leaving campus.

5. Depending on the frequency of a child’s absences, parents/guardians will receive attendance notification letters as follows:
    • “Letter A” from the child’s counselor after a total of five (5) absences from school
    • “Letter B” from the child’s grade level counselor after a total of ten (10) absences from school
    • “Letter C” from the administrator after a total of fifteen (15) absences from school
Upon receipt of each letter, parent/guardian should sign the letter and return it to the child’s teacher.  Receipt of “Letter B” also requires the scheduling of a parent conference with the school counselor.  Receipt of “Letter C” also requires the scheduling of a parent conference with the administrator.
Moanalua Elementary School strongly believes that regular and prompt attendance is a key component to a child’s success in school (General Learner Outcome (GLO) #1 - being responsible for one’s own learning).  Extended absences from school may result in academic consequences.  Please enjoy family vacations during non-instructional days and breaks as indicated on our school year calendar.
  • The school day begins at 7:50 a.m.; the tardy bell rings at 7:55 a.m., coinciding with the daily flag raising ceremony.
  • When students arrive at school each day, they must remain socially-distanced by 3 feet to the extent possible. Students will be limited in what they do before school; therefore, parents are to drop off students no earlier than 7:30 am. 
  • Parents may drop off students starting 7:15 am if students will be eating breakfast in the cafeteria.
  • Markers and standing spots are placed on the ground.  Upon arriving at school, students should have their mask on and sit quietly on or between a sticker/marker outside their classroom to await the arrival of their teacher.
  • Students will be brought into their classrooms by their teacher socially-distanced.  Upon entering the classroom, students will wash/sanitize their hands.

  • In order to keep students apart as much as possible, we are implementing a staggered dismissal process.
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
      • 1:55 pm:   Kindergarten, Grade 1 (Main Parking Pick-Up)
      • 1:55 pm:   Grade 4 (Back Parking Pick-Up)
      • 2:10 pm:   Grade 2, Grade 3 (Main Parking Pick-Up)
      • 2:10 pm:   Grade 5, Grade 6 (Back Parking Pick-Up)
    • Wednesday:
      • 12:20 pm:  Kindergarten, Grade 1 (Main Parking Pick-Up)
      • 12:20 pm:  Grade 4 (Back Parking Pick-Up)
      • 12:30 pm:  Grade 2, Grade 3 (Main Parking Pick-Up)
      • 12:30 pm:  Grade 5, Grade 6 (Back Parking Pick-Up)
    • Parents are to come at the designated dismissal time.  Parents arrive before the staggered dismissal time will have to circle around and go back into the car line.
    • Parents picking up students at the school entrance are to wait on the grass area with a sign with student's last & first name, grade & room number.
  • Students should leave campus promptly after school unless enrolled in A+ after school care program.  Other supervised after school programs such as: Language School, Orchestra Program, Kumon, etc. are currently unavailable.
  • Students may not wait on campus before or after athletic practices and/or programs at the swimming pool or recreation center.  Parents must make arrangements for their children to be picked up immediately after school.
  • Students may not be on the field or playground equipment before or after school hours.
  • Except in the case of an emergency, the school personnel may not be available to relay messages to students.  Please confirm arrangements with your child ahead of time.
Traffic Flow Maps:
For safety reasons, the school ID must be worn and be visible at all times when on campus.  One ID is provided at no charge during the first week of school.  Students are not allowed to deface their school ID.  Any ID badge that is deemed unrecognizable must be replaced.  Replacement IDs may be purchased for $3.00 (cash only) at the school office.
Before & After School Care
  • Onsite Phone Number:  808-321-2874