Welcome to 2022!

Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022
New Experiences
Any one else exhausted after this week!? 😅 Thank you so much for your flexibility and support with all these new circumstances and all the messages you've been getting from me this week!
We have SO MUCH to do this quarter, that we've already jumped right in! I've told your child that this is the MOST important quarter, and that it's the time for them to kick it up (instead of kicking back). This week we have been working on fractions, and we completed Lesson 12 about adding fractions. We will be started Lesson 13 next week! In ELA, we completed our writing pre-assessment, and we decided on our theme for our Class Book! We were able to learn the basics of the four spheres of the Earth, and we took our first exit pass on it today! 
Important things to remember:
  • NO SCHOOL TOMORROW AND MONDAY - teachers will be in professional development meetings tomorrow and it's Martin Luther King Holiday on Monday. Please have your child check Google Classroom to complete any missing assignments they haven't already completed.
  • Quarter 2 Report Cards are coming home next Tuesday, January 18th along with your child's Progressfolio. Please make sure to sign both before returning them on Wednesday.
  • Picture Taking Make Ups are coming up in a couple of weeks for those students who didn't take them in November. Be on the lookout for more information.
Friday, Jan. 7, 2022
Well, we've certainly started off this quarter with quite the "bang," wouldn't you agree? 🥴  Even with our current class situation, I was so happy to see each of your children return from the break happy and well. We welcome two new people into our room: a new student, and a new adult! We are excited to get to know them better as we work together in the foreseeable future!
This week, we started our 3rd Quarter with completing some final assignments from Quarter 2 to prepare for report cards. We finished up our writing, and worked on our progressfolios. We did data chats about our diagnostic tests that we completed in December, and created some vision boards to accompany our goal setting. I'm excited for you to see those. Finally, we learned about the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. We've determined to try to develop a growth mindset. Check out the video below that we watched to help us learn about it!
Here are some important information that you need for next week:
  • Report card grades are due Monday. If I contacted you about missing assignments, please make sure you turn those in to me by SUNDAY (at the very latest), or it will be reflected in your child's grades.
  • Your child will be bringing home their report card on Tuesday, Jan. 18th, along with their progressfolio for you to review, sign, and return ASAP.
  • Whether your child goes to school in person next week, or from home (depending on your discussion with administration), I will be teaching them virtually via WebEx on Monday and Tuesday. They learned about WebEx today, and the link to my WebEx room is on our Google Classroom. If your child is at home, please be sure they have an internet-connected device (preferably a laptop) to log on to WebEx each morning by 7:55am, or they will be marked tardy! Please be aware that they will be logging off and on throughout the day for those two days. This will allow us to be safe without missing important 3rd Quarter instruction.
Thank you for your flexibility and support today and this week! Dojo me with questions you may have! I hope you all stay safe and well this weekend! 😷