Deadline to opt-in for 100% Distance Learning Option - Monday, July 27 8:00 am


Moanalua Elementary understands the various needs of families and would like to offer 100% distance learning as an option to our school model.  We will offer a 100% distance learning option that allows parents and guardians to continue their children’s education while keeping them at home.  Opt-in to 100% distance learning by completing the commitment Google form by July 27, 8:00 am - click on this link for the commitment form.


Students will be assigned to a distance learning teacher who will meet synchronous and asynchronous throughout the year.  Students may also be asked to meet virtually with the teacher individually or in small groups.  


Families who opt-in will ensure the following:

  • Follow the school’s learning plan
  • Obtain technology needed for online learning
  • If the school requests, arrange to pick up and drop off work and resources
  • Commit to ONLINE learning for a minimum of a full semester
  • Be responsible to ensure your child is following the school schedule and logging into daily lessons.
  • Ensure your child meets all timelines for turning in work.
  • Ensure your child is available for any required assessments, as needed by the school this may include coming onto campus for a short period of time.


For more information on 100% distance learning, please refer to “Moanalua Elementary Distance Learning Plan”


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