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Thank you for thel parental support that the PE program receives.  I'm pleased to hear and see many of our students involved in community sports and recreation programs, where good work habits and team values are stressed on a regular basis.  For my part, I will continue to offer extracurricular opportunities for students to participate in at recess when it is deemed safe to do so.  This will promote classroom PE concepts and skills while enjoying the company of friends and companions.
In the Physical Education classes, students work on developing locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills using a variety of traditional and 21st century methods.  Although there has been a big push towards getting students to move in large, non-threatening settings, I do see value in structured, specific instruction, too. During classes, there are also times when students are active in one-on-one and competitive situations in front of others.  Although these are challenging for some, it provides students with a chance to gauge where they are at developmentally, and then at the conclusion of the activity, identify their strengths, weaknesses, and their next steps.  Keep in mind that I will never put students in situations in which they will feel unsafe physically, emotionally, or socially.
Instruction in Grades K through 2 focuses more on the basics of locomotor and non-locomotor movements, as well as units focusing on the introduction of manipulative skills, and fitness activities through fun, non-traditional methods.  Grades 3 through 6 move into more nuanced movements and skills, with Grades 5 and 6 looking specifically at team sports and physical fitness skills and concepts. 
Any questions about the PE program and instruction may be sent to me at [email protected].  


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How do teachers spend their summers? Enjoy a safe and memorable summer vacation. Best wishes to our departing sixth graders.