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Tech Buster and MES news will be collapse into this new service group called Tech Media Team. Mrs. Gonzalez will be teaching and leading our students in this exciting new service group.
Students will continue to learn how to clean and maintain equipment (ie. printers, computers, interactive boards), how to use different types of hardware (iPads, computers, printers, Chromebooks), and how to use different types of software (ie. KidPix, WeVideo, Screencastify, Google apps).  As a service group, the students assist in keeping the school's equipment clean and in good condition as well as learning a few tips and tricks so they can assist their peers and even teachers in the classroom! Our TMT students will also produce our schools MES News Broadcast.
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In addition, Students will learn how to use media tools such as WeVideo, Podcasting, digital photography, audio recording, and lighting. Students will be capturing our school's events with Canon cameras and video recording of our events.