Parking Lot Procedures


At Moanalua Elementary School, student safety is always foremost in our minds as we continue to strive to implement procedures that keep our students safe and improve efficiency. We have an 8 second rule and need everyone’s help in ensuring that students exit and enter the vehicle within that time. Please stay in your vehicle. If you require longer than 8 seconds, please park in a stall. We would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Morning Procedures:

  • There are 2 lanes and 2 drop-off areas
  • Upon entering the parking lot for Grades 1-6, remain closest to the curb and continue toward the cafeteria
  • Students may exit curb side in the “drop off zone” in yellow. An adult or Junior Police Officers (JPOs) will assist if needed
  • Parents dropping off Kindergarten students will stay on the left hand side and proceed around the parking lot to the Kindergarten building. An adult or JPO will be there to assist your child with getting his/her belongings out of the car


Afternoon Procedures:

  • There will be only 1 lane upon entering the parking lot closest to the curb. An adult or JPO will be along the sidewalk to assist if needed
  • Kindergarten students will be picked up at the Kindergarten building. Please display your child’s placard so we can quickly identify your child and assist them into the car.
  • Older siblings have permission to meet their Kindergarten sibling and wait to be picked up on the Kindergarten side  


Please be reminded that:

  • Students should exit the car on the curb side for their safety
  • Drivers will be asked to drive around if their child is not waiting in the pick-up area
  • Please use the marked crosswalks located in the entrance/exit of the parking lot and next to the cattle gate in the rear


Morning care is available (Kalihi YMCA) for parents that need to drop-off children before 7:15am. Students should not be on campus before 7:15am

Please help us keep your child safe by picking him/her up immediately after school. If students are unable to be picked up by 2:30pm (M,T,Th,F) and 1:40pm (Wed), the A+ Afterschool program provides supervision. Please see the office for registration information.

Thank you for your patience during this time!